Jumbo Reverse Mortgage 
The More Your Home is Worth, the More a Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Can Help
Find Out Why...
If your home is worth over $350,000 and you’re 62 years of age or older, EAG is here to help you secure a Jumbo Reverse Mortgage, giving you access to a large amount of equity you’ve built over the years.
Jumbo Reverse Benefits:
- Up to $20 million appraised value
- Loan amounts up to $5 million
 Take money now or over time
 No mortgage payment, just taxes & insurance
- Up to 20 acre properties 
Common Misbeliefs: 
 Hard to qualify 
 Responsible for loan balance that exceeds home value
The bank owns your home
Only use FHA loan limit of $625,000
Qualify Easily: 
Just one borrowers needs to be 60+
Have equity in your home
Your home is your primary residence 
Must live in California
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Below is a real testimonial from Larry Vanderveen, an actual EAG client that refinanced into a Jumbo Reverse Mortgage.
"Jeff Miller at EAG went above and beyond for me and my wife.  I was told by another lender I was capped a loan amount of X, but Jeff got me a Reverse Mortgage loan amount for much higher".
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